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The most basic, and arguably most important tool for any UX Designer. When your project needs to move from a list of features and functionality on a page, to an impressive creative comp, wireframes are the bridge needed to cross that gap.

Process Flows

It's easy to imagine simple processes, like navigating from a homepage to a contact page. But these detailed flow charts illustrate how users can easily complete complex business processes, like requesting a quote, or purchasing products.

Interaction Design

What happens when the user interacts with your site? Whether it's clicking a button, filling out a form, or any other interaction, it's critical to make sure you've planned for every possible scenario.

Clickable Prototypes

One of the most important UX activities is usability testing. The best designs are backed up by data gained from testing how real users interact with your designs. Clickable prototypes are utilized in usability testing, which should be done before launch, after launch, and after redesigns.

Work Examples