Reebok Community Hub
First of several phases has gone live.

Create a community hub for Reebok, a brand known for supporting and contributing to various groups of fitness enthusiasts. The new site reinforces the brand identity, and increases brand awareness, while continuing to contribute to the fitness community.


Collaborating with several agencies, I led the UX team to design an engaging social hub, built on a smart customization engine: based on personalization rules, content would be served up to users according to their browsing habits and learned interests.

Launch Website

Primary tasks included:

  • Creating wireframes for all user-facing pages, and back-end administrative sections connected to EpiServer 7
  • Mapping flows for various processes and user types, in order to illustrate differences between Use Case Scenarios.
  • Creating clickable prototypes for use in usability testing, and adjusting the design based on our findings.
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